Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Improving health and standard of living

1) http://www.ted.com/talks/ernest_madu_on_world_class_health_care.html

2) http://www.ted.com/talks/andrew_mwenda_takes_a_new_look_at_africa.html

3) http://www.ted.com/playlists/67/the_quest_to_end_poverty.html

I found these TED talks to be interesting, because they relate to the topics we have been talking at our weekly meetings. 

In the first video Ernest Madu uses the Heart Institute of the Caribbean in Jamaica, as an example of what can be done in Nigeria to improve the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. He points out that efficient treatment is possible and does not have to be expensive. 

In the second Andre Mwenda suggests that the international world not just view Africa as a charity case, but should help the continent become self-efficient. The continent needs opportunity and has potential. Africans need wealth, in order to treat the causes that create disparity. 

In the third video Jacqueline Novogratz explains Jane's escape from poverty. Jane lived in a slum outside of Nairobi, but was able to provide for her family and move into low-cost housing. This third link also has 7 other videos, which all relate to the quest of ending poverty. 

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