Thursday, December 5, 2013

Songs/Cheers: Meeting Kuza

Hey everyone,

One of the things I looked forward to most was bringing the Kuza Project back to Brown. I've been a bit slow about it (forgive me), but I'll be starting a multi-part series on some of the highlights and thoughts from our GROW trip.

To start, I wanted to share a treat from our very first week in Nairobi. After a few days of getting acclimated to our humble home of ~2 months, the six of us set out for our very first Kuza Project event, a gender-based-violence workshop for some of the teens in the community and their parents. Among the teens were some of our very own Kuza girls, and Brienne, Anna and I had the pleasure of meeting them.

Lydia, Maurine, and Caroline (from left to right in the video below) are 14-16 years old and have been in Kuza for its entire existence. They are talented at so many things: Lydia's a blossoming professional hair stylist (literally--she went to beauty school for it!), and Maurine loves singing. The three of them were generous enough to sing a little song for us after we found out they all love to sing and dance, and they got so excited for us to take this back to you guys. Without further ado...

If anyone happens to know the name of the song, I'd love to know. It's the one thing I forgot to ask them!


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