Sunday, June 17, 2012

GlobeMed at Community Day!

As Commencement drew near at Brown, Providence was in a glorious bout of summer weather. Some GlobeMed members and new friends participated in Brown's Community Day on May 20th, 2012, an event that was part of Senior Week at Brown. Local kids from Providence interacted with various Brown and Providence organizations to learn new things - from dance moves to facts about butterflies - and enjoy the day. The GlobeMed at Brown members who were still on campus brought paper and colored markers, while our new young friends brought their ideas and creativity.

Global Health U Coordinator Anna Makaretz smiles up from her creation-in-progress - a collection of colorful fruits and vegetables, no doubt connected to her expertise from her other secret identity: Vegetable Fairy! By the end of the day, the girls were experts in drawing lemon slices and strawberries too.

If you look closely at Anna's paper, you can see an awesome green leafy vegetable! Two sisters join in the fun and make their own pieces of art.

Changemakers-to-be pose with their creations!

The graduating seniors of GlobeMed 2011-2012: Ashlie Williams - GROW Coordinator (left), and Alina Kung - Internal President (right)... plus a new GlobeMed friend, Sarah (middle)!

It's been wonderful learning and growing with everyone this year. Have a great summer everyone!