Saturday, May 11, 2013

Year 2 Draws to a Close

Hard to believe, but GlobeMed at Brown is just completing its second year. Having only been a member this year, I count myself incredibly fortunate to have met such an amazing group of compassionate, passionate, intelligent, witty, and silly students, and I'm excited by the growth I saw of our chapter this year. What at the school year's beginning was a group of students dedicated to supporting the efforts of a program that helps girls in Nairobi became a tight group of friends in our own Brown community. In the year(s) to come, I look forward to more insightful discussions from GlobalHealthU, a Brown campus better-informed of GlobeMed and the importance of our mission, an even better blog and social network, greater goals to aspire and work towards, and a chapter that is just as (or even more) friendly and motivated as this year's.

Thank you to the seniors who founded and participated in GlobeMed at Brown, and we wish you the best of luck in the future! You got us off to a great start –– you will be greatly missed.

Have a wonderful summer and make sure to tune in to the blog, Facebook, Twitter, SmugMug, etc. to receive updates from our GROW interns as they spend part of the summer with U-Tena in Kenya!

Thanks for contributing to what turned out to be an unforgettable freshman year, team. Lots of GlobeMed love!

Marisa M.

Want to see more photos of GlobeMed at Brown from this year? Check out our Facebook page or our SmugMug page.