Thursday, February 21, 2013

World day of

Hi everyone!
Spring is a comin'! I can feel it, I can feel it!
Did you know that yesterday was a World Day of Social Justice? The United Nations has recognized January 20th as day to promote efforts to ameliorate poverty and lessen disparities in our world. I did not know that such a thing existed. While I am proud that we have designated a day to become more aware of social injustice, I am disappointed that it is not a widely celebrated day. 

Still, our chapter celebrated it and now all our members know of the day! woot! We filled out a slogan, "This year, I am fighting for _________." This exercise was simple and short, but it got me started to think about the various social injustice around me. The simple act of thinking, "what AM I fighting for!?" was inspring and motivating. 

This year, I am fighting to end domestic violence and sexual abuse in households. Domestic violence not only damages the victims' physical and mental health, but it may also teach witnesses (often children in the family)  that violence is acceptable. Studies show that boys who have witnessed violence in their homes grow up later to become perpetuators and girls become more likely to be victimized. I want to stop this perpetuation of domestic violence. I hope to become more sensitive to signs of domestic violence and be able to take action when I interact with children who may be in this situation.

One step at a time, 


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