Monday, February 24, 2014

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In current Global health news, a new report has been written on attempting to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths from childbirth in Indonesia, where childbirth related deaths are still incredibly high. Indonesia signed the Millennium Development Goals, but it is estimated that they will not achieve these goals by the target date. The country is spread out over an archipelago of thousands of islands, and though the country has been greatly urbanized into over 10 megacities, most of the population lives in rural areas in islands where medical attention is really hard to get. Though there are many midwives in Indonesia that can attend to women in childbirth, most of them are not properly trained to deal with crises. In those cases women must be sent to hospitals, but transportation problems between islands continue.
The report indicates that Indonesia needs hundreds more clinics to treat emergency patients for cesarean sections, blood transfusions, and neonatal intensive care. Dr. Adashi, an obstetrics professor at Brown’s Alpert Medical School, was a part of the committee writing the report and says that he expects the Indonesian government to embrace the goals.

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