Sunday, October 6, 2013

Data by World Bank

In the midst of researching for a paper a few years ago, I happened upon this awesome website:
Let me just say, the World Bank is certainly not infallible, but they sure do a fantastic job organizing data. The comparative graphs are my favorite. From time to time I revisit this site to play with the graphs. They provide a striking visual reminder of how unequal the world is. Below you can browse graphs comparing the CO2 emissions, GDP, and prevalence of HIV in people 15-49 years old in Kenya and the United States.

I encourage GlobeMedders et al. to peruse the maps, tables, and graphs that represent the world we live in, and think about their place in it. How do your consumption habits fuel environmental degradation globally? What structures are in place that you benefit from without doing a thing? Are those benefits your rights? Why doesn’t everyone in the world enjoy them? We must constantly be asking ourselves these questions as we engage in international partnerships.


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